Chrysler Dodge 4-Button Remote

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OHT692427AA (RK-CHY-OHT-4)


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  • When you purchase your remote we will ship it to you the same day, it will have all the instruction you need to get your car program. When your key arrive and you are having trouble programming it, we have phone support that it can help you. The best way is to call us with you car info to get an accurate price on your purchase, after the free consultation we will provide you with a part number and or put the order for you.
    If you key needs programming we have on site programming. You can come to us and we will program your new key for you.
    No problem we have online scheduling and or just give us a call at (772) 335-5555 and schedule your appointment. Want to save money and time? If you have flexibility select a later day we’ll deliver your key at work, home, office and or even at the golf course. Our Full-service for replacing key is often less expensive than any dealers without the hassle of dropping the car to them. Service start at 149.00 depending of the vehicle.
    No problem we can take care of all your needs for replacing your keys. We have a Premium Service to schedule a tech within 24hrs, You will get a prefer scheduling and get a friendly, knowledgeable technician that will be able to get you on the road fast.
  • RK-CHY-OHT-4
    ITEM# 1231

    • Brand New Aftermarket 
    • Replaces FCC ID: OHT692427AA, OHT692713AA, KOBDT04A
    • IC: 5461A-692427AA
    • Chip: PHILIPS 46
    • Frequency: 315 Mhz
    • Test Key: Y157 or Y159 
    • Reusable: No
    • Battery: CR2032
    • Buttons: Lock, Unlock, Panic, Hatch
    • Replaces PN: 56040649ac, 56040649, 05175789AA, 05175786AA, 05175817AA & more
    • Manufacturer: Keyless Factory
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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 10 in