How Much do Locksmith Charges?

At ABC lock & Key LLC, we believe in taking care of the customer is first, and that is why we don’t have a problem publishing the ongoing rate for our services.

We are professionals  and we being in the industry over 40 Years, we have seeing change over time and we have to adapt to new technologies and equipment, I still remember when we use to make a key by put the blank and the original in a vice-grip and cut it by hand. (yes i’m that old), but now  at day, you punch a code in the computer and the machine cut the key automatically.

In this spirit I have decided to give an National Average for locksmith services, so you can compare, and make a wise decision on your security. 

ABC Lock & key Commitment is not to ever sell you anything that you don’t need.  

 or buNational Average Locksmith Prices

Locksmith prices range from $75 to $250 for a car, and $75 to $200 for a house depending on if you need to open, rekey, or change door locks. A lockout typically costs $80 to $100, whereas a rekey or lock change ranges from $100 to $200 on average.

The minimum call out charge for a locksmith is typically $75 which usually covers the first hour. Hourly rates are $75 during regular hours and $95 during after-hours or emergencies. On average, it takes 25 to 30 minutes to get the job done.

Service Average Cost ABC LOCK & KEY PRICES
Call Out Charge $30 – $85                             $ 69.50
Emergency or After Hours Charge $100 – $250         $ 150.00
Hourly Rates $75 – $95          $ 85.00

Service Average Cost ABC LOCK & Key  Prices
Car Lockout $60 – $85            $ 85.00  Regular hours
Rekey Car $75 – $180            $160.00 and UP
Change Locks on Car $75 – $220            $ 199.00 and UP
Key Extraction $75 – $140            $95.00 
Car Key Replacement $70 – $250            $225.00 Most vehicles*
Keyless Fob Replacement $150 – $350            $ 285.00 
Car Ignition Repair $120 – $225            $180.00 Most Vehicles*
Key Programming $90 – $160            $ 120.00 At your location

If your car is high-end, then different types of tools and ways of unlocking the car will need to be utilized. All of the security enhancements on luxury cars will need to be worked around too, which could drive prices up.

 National Average Residential LOCKSMITH  VS ABC LOCK AND KEY LLC

Service Average Cost ABC LOCK & KEY PRICES
House Lockout $65 – $185               $79.50 One lock only
Commercial Lockout $70 – $200         $89.50 One Lock only
Rekey House $50 – $130 + $20/lock         $79.00 + $20/Cylinder
Change Locks on House or business $80 – $200         $90.00 Per hour
Drilling Door for Lock Install $95 – $150         $90.00 Per Hour
Key Extraction $75 – $140         $80.00 
Key Duplication $1 – $10         $ 3.00 and up
House Key Replacement $50 – $100         $99.00

Most locksmith services can give you a quote over the phone, but those are not set in stone. They’ll have a better price point in mind once they look at the lock in person. 

**Our regular hours is 8:00 AM to 05:00 PM anytime after that is consider after hour and or emergency hours.

*At ABC Lock & Key we strive to give transparency in our pricing, and in most cases we will honor the price quoted in the phone, whoever understand that is just a quote and it may change on arrival of our tech for several reasons, and our technicians will be more than happy to explain all the changes in our prices. 


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